Originally from Liverpool England, Radio wise , Dave Wakeham was influenced by the great DJs of the seventies, from Radio Caroline, 208 Radio Luxembourg, BBC radio 1. Club wise from the Jazz Funk and Soul club DJs and some of the great alternative music presenters. During his career he has whitnessed the arrival of New Wave, Elektro Funk , Hip Hop, House music and the natural progression in music trends towards the turn of the millenium. His carreer has taken him on a long journey through the world of DJ based entertainment, online media and the music world. Through various agencies he has travelled through many countries during the eighties to eventually setting up a permanent base in Hamburg Germany towards the end of the nineties.

With years of Experience in audio and visual entertainment and the evolution of technology we now have a world full of Digital Audio & Visual Entertainment.



DJ-ing in the present tense:

Access to some of the latest club tracks , electro house deep house tech house. remixing on a live level or studio. creation of visiuals.

DJ-ing in the past tense:

Years of experience in DJ culture in ten countries over fourty clubs ranging from, 90s vocal house soul funk hip hop RnB to certain Rock Venues playing classic rock.

Music & media production

Remixing , Programming music scores and beats, song writing , composition, recording, radio show production and presentation, jingles special effects, podcasts general mastering of tracks.

Visual presentation, teaching, reworking of club nights and promotion of live events.




DAVE in his own words.

DAVE in his own words.

I started with the Disc Jockey business when I was about 16 , I had been recording little radio shows on my cassette machine and had done a few gigs with older DJs  who were very helpful and encouraging. I built my own DJ system at the very beginning , it was very basic but did the job. I acquired skills I never imagined. One day I somehow came to a realisation that there was more to life than the nine to five.

My music making started at a much later date but my knowledge of music came through music lessons at school and self teaching and the desire and need to learn and explore and do more.

After working as DJ intensively in the North West of England in several clubs and playing different genres of music, I was approached by an agent who was placing DJs all over Europe. Shortly after I embarked on a professional career in the business. I was contracted well in advance so I secure in the knowledge that I had work waiting for me. In most of the jobs I would receive a decent wage apartment or hotel room, and in some countries food was paid for or or even use of the gym, swimming pool, vehicle or other amazing facilities.

In later years parallel to Dj-ing and in the knowledge that I wasn’t getting any younger, I studied a lot of computer stuff , music production and multi media being one thing that fascinated me. I also realised all this will eventually be the tools to create what ever it is , be it film, photo or sound and it will be in the hands of the individual , thus opening the door to a whole new world of entertainment and freedom or expression but also security.

Jumping out of the usual nine to five world is easy but jumping back in is more difficult. I predicted that the internet will become bigger than all of us and be used for all sorts of applications. I also knew jobs will go, companies will fold and new jobs will materialise, This whole technical revolution was very similar to the arrival of cars at the beginning of the last century, " a game changer"

I had ,until the end of the nineties, survived through marketing myself as DJ  and doing several other activities in music and audio production , writing songs and creating content for internet like radio shows ,photography or Ideas for new applications.

Noticing at the beginning of the millennium some companies were folding simply because of complacency, several people had no training and were becoming redundant and still had another twenty years of working life. I ended up training many adults in office and communication skills, many artist in my area were in need of Internet and media production possibilities. The world was moving fast.

I would say this to any person making a career choice these days " nothing is for ever, technology changes the paths of progress , progress changes the way we do things.

So what ever your passion is go for it, but be prepared to change shape its a rocky road.