Evosonic Radio existed between 1997 and 1999 . specialising in electronic music ( evolution of sound ) Anything to do with techno music , house the evolution of club music technical DJs , mixing , remixing, it was all there, full in trend probably too early.

My involvements were a peak time three hour radio show about current electronic music and some historic information and music about the genre, at the time internet and email were just starting to become popular. We had fax machines running out of paper almost every day, this was the turning point into the technical revolution and in fact a turning point for myself as we progressed towards the end of millennium.

A lot was to be learned about this venture as the months went by, myself moving my meager technology from D.A.T. To CD Rom and achieving full digital recording. Reaching production targets was challenging as well as continuing to maintain existing work and research.

In 1997 we broadcast live from love parade in Berlin , from DJ Mixer to a small mobile studio back stage via two I.S.D.N. lines down to cologne and via satellite to the whole of Europe, quite an achievement for such a small radio station on a budget.

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Evosonic official Website www.evosonic.de
Radio Show Archive http://home.arcor.de/evo-archiv/seite6.htm
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